Yoshukai Karate is a martial art which employs a variety of weapons at the higher belt ranks.  Students learn the nunchaku at 1st degree blue. The basics of the bo are taught to 1st degree green belts, and the sai are taught at 2nd degree green belt.  Tonfa are learned when the student is a Nidan.  The katana is taught to Sandan ranked blackbelts.

Yoshukai places a strong emphasis on weapons training to supplement open-hand fighting techniques.  Our practitioners are accomplished weapons fighters as well as being accomplished open-hand fighters.  Students are expected to know the basics of the weapon, how to use it in a fight, and occasionally are called upon to incorporate them in sparring matches in addition to learning the formal kata for the weapons.

In addition to the basic Yoshukai weapons, Phoenix Yoshukai occasionally offers instruction in a variety of other martial arts weapons for the benefit of the students.  Learning these weapons is not a requirement for rank advancement.